1989 Saab Black SPG

Engine modifications:

The engine was bored .020, balanced, flywheel lightened, gasket matched and the head was ported and polished. Other engine mods. include RRFPR and 30 lb. ingectors, ractive air filter, polished aluminum intercooler and the stainless steel 130 degree exhaust with the battery moved to the trunk. The valve cover, intake, fuel rail and other visible pieces were powder coated. A rebuilt transmission was installed while the engine was out.

Interior modifications:

Black Aero seats replaced existing front and rear seats. Instrument cluster faceplates redone in blue with white accents (purchased from Saab Zen) Custom SPG floor mats were installed.

Exterior modifications:

The car was taken apart and repainted black including the SPG panels and bumpers. 16″ Super Aero rims were added.

From start to finish this project took 3 months and was done at Saab Savior.